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Chartering Process



In order to pursue membership in of Kappa Gamma Mu, must be a Man, a Man that believes in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and have the desire to grow as a true Man of God.Must be 18 years old by time of pledge process.


The expansion process consists of four stages: Initial Interest, Interest Group, Colonization and Chartering.


During the Initial Interest stage, it is recommended that there are at least eight (8) eligible and interested

Men who meet the eligibility requirements The initial interest group (or interested Man needs to follow these steps:

1. Complete the Expansion Form found under the Expansion section of our website (;

2. Submit the Charter petition fee of $250.00

3. Maintain communication with assigned officer during the initial interest process 

5. After reviewing the information with you, our office will contact you to

iron out further details and determine the feasibility of expansion, and a tentative timeline.


During the Interest Group stage, you will be put in contact with several of our National Officers, and volunteers in order for them to serve as local guides and resources to you. 

Depending on your group needs we will customize process specific for your group.

It is recommended that the group holds weekly meetings in order to ensure proper dissemination of information, and facilitate organization and planning.


In order to be eligible to apply for Colony Status, the Interest Group must have at least eight (8) committed,

Only those who meet this criteria will be approved to proceed with intake during the Colonization Period. A $300.00 petition fee for each perspective member must be submitted along with their petition.


Once your colony has been fully recognized, you will begin to work toward obtaining full chapter status by completing the Petition for Chapter Status. Your colony will be eligible to apply for chapter status as early as six (6) weeks after Colonization but no later than two (2) years after colonization. As a Colony, you will be responsible for meeting all Fraternity requirements in accordance to the Fraternity's  Constitution,  Bylaws and Policy Manual.  Attendance to Annual National Events, etc. To be eligible to be considered for Chapter Status, a colony must have at least eight (8) initiated Brothers who are considered Active-Good Standing.

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