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Perspective Member Process


Here  are (3) steps involved in the process of becoming a brother of KAPPA GAMMA MU FRATERNITY INC.®. Each of these three phases are outlined below. If you have any further questions about the process, please drop us an email to let us know!


Recruitment events are a wonderful way to get to know the brothers of KAPPA GAMMA MU FRATENITY INC.® and to learn more about the fraternity itself. This is also an important step because it shows the brothers that you are interested in becoming apart of the most Prestigious group of Man. Recruitment is typically a week long and occurs sometime in the first month of each semester ( WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER AND FALL). For an online version of the Recruitment calendar, check out our Website or request by email.. You should attend as many events as you can. However, attendance at every event is not required.

Once you have accepted our invitation to become a Member, you will go through an 6 week Pledging Process and assigned to a Line. During this period, you will attend a weekly meeting and be asked to complete various tasks with your Line.The Initial dues for a Member of KAPPA GAMMA MU FRATERNIY INC.

is $300.00  which will include everything you do throughout the process . The money, time, and effort that you will spend during this time proves to be well worth it at the end of the Process.

Once you accept our invitation to Pledge, you will go through a short Pledging process, known as PLEDGESHIP.  During  this process you will be required to obtain (3) Letters of Recommendation and carry out all assigned  task according to Pledge Master.  At the end of this process, you will be apart of a CROSSING CEREMONY ,where you will be REVEALED from your Birth Name to your Line Name, you will be an official Brother of KAPPA GAMMA MU FRATERNITY INC.®

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